Black and Gold Dramatic Look- Eye Makeup Tutorial

For Gold Smoky Eye Makeup


1. Apply eye shadow base using your finger (you can use mac paint pot in indianwood).


2. Take a clean blending brush and then just blend out.


3. Take your eye shadow dual and take the gold shade.


4. Tip your brush into the shadow and spray it with plain water so that the pigment goes on wet.


5. Use tissue under your eyes and apply the color if your face is already done or else not needed.


6. When eye shadow applied wet, the pigment show up much more vividly. It’s ideal for shimmery shadow. Then blend again.

7. For next step, you definitely need to use the tissue. Apply darkest black shadow at the outer corner of the eyes extending a little bit in on the lashes. Sort of in a sideways b- pattern.

8. Intensify the black in by pressing the shadow into the lids (use small tapping motions to show the color as much rich as possible).


9. Take your bronze and apply to the outer edges of the black shadow to blend the color.


10. Use the gold shade to blend the inner part of the black shadow (be careful to blend very lightly so that you would not loose the intense black color)


11. Apply the staedtler black eyeliner in the inner rim of your upper lashline and do same for lower lashline.


12. At the end, use two artificial eyelashes and use mascarra to belnd the false lashes with your own.


13. And…. Ready for your partyyyy!!!


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