Amazing Facts about the Human Body

The human body is everything that makes up, well, you. Many complex processes go on inside your body, some of which you may not think about in your everyday life. Here are Amazing Facts about the Human Body that you will surely love to see.

#Fact 1. Your body produces 2 million new cells per second.



#Fact 2. Your red blood cells travel around your entire body in under 20 seconds.amazing-facts-about-the-human-body-2


#Fact 3. The human nose can recall more than 50,000 different smells.



#Fact 4. Your eye muscles focus more than 100,000 times per day. That’s like walking 50 miles for your legs.



#Fact 5. More than 90% of human cells originate from fungi and bacteria.



#Fact 6. Adrenaline is a very powerful drug. Humans have been known to lift cars and boulders in times of extreme peril or stress.



#Fact 7. An adult body has at least 7 octillion atoms.



#Fact 8. The human eye can distinguish between up to 10 million different colors.



#Fact 9. Humans are among the strongest distance running animals on earth.



#Fact 10. Humans glow in the dark, but the human eye cannot detect it.



#Fact 11. Babies have 60 more bones than adults do.



#Fact 12. The chemical reaction to love and amphetamines are the same.



#Fact 13. Human DNA and Banana DNA is a 50% match.

Human DNA and Banana DNA is a 50% match


#Fact 14. Human brains produce enough electricity to power a standard 60 watt bulb.



#Fact 15. 10% of your life is spent with your eyes closed exclusively because of blinking.



#Fact 16. The Jaw is the strongest muscle in the body.



#Fact 17. Humans have the brain capacity to read up to 1,000 words per minute.



#Fact 18. Human body shed about 40 pounds of skin in their average lifetime.



#Fact 19. The human eye can see a single candle from 30 miles away if not blocked by any object.



#Fact 20. Over the average human lifespan we produce enough spit to fill two full size swimming pools.



#Fact 21. The variety of bacteria found inside the human belly button is equivalent to that of the rainforest.



#Fact 22. BlueGene, the world’s most powerful supercomputer can only manage 0.002% of the functions a human brain is capable of.



#Fact 23.  From the age of 30, you should lose half an inch of height every 8 years.

from the age of 30, you should lose half an inch of height every 8 years

#Fact 24. If you laid your blood vessels end to end, you could circle the earth with them more than twice.

 your blood vessels end to end, could circle the globe twice

Human Body truly is an incredible creation.

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